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Datorama Has Joined the Salesforce Family

We’re excited to announce that Salesforce has completed its acquisition of Datorama — the leading cloud-based, AI-powered marketing intelligence and analytics platform for enterprises, agencies and publishers.

This is great news for Datorama and Salesforce customers, as well as marketers everywhere. Datorama will enhance the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with expanded data integration, intelligence and analytics, enabling marketers to unlock insights across all of their marketing channels and data sources.

Datorama enables more than 3,000 leading global agencies and brands–including PepsiCo, Ticketmaster, Trivago, Unilever, Pernod Ricard and Foursquare–to optimize marketing campaigns, automate reporting and make data-driven decisions faster.

In fact, customers like Ticketmaster leverage Datorama to create their one single source of truth for smarter decision making across marketing and sales. “We needed a way to centralize all of our data and our stakeholders in one place. To make the right decisions across campaigns, channels, and sales, the information had to be clean, trusted, harmonized, and up-to-date. That was a major technology and business challenge we had to solve,” said Gosha Khuchua, VP of Marketing at Ticketmaster. “Datorama enables us to unify more than 300 marketing and sales data sources into one single source of truth for clients, campaign teams, billing, finance, and executives. Having one unified view of our data and insights have resulted in +30% revenue growth, +30% campaign KPI performance, and successfully running 2000 campaigns per month (2x) while saving 120 hours.  We are excited about the acquisition news and look forward to realizing the positive impact that the synergies between Datorama and Salesforce will have on our business.”

Datorama is also the standard for marketing intelligence within agencies. Customers like Havas Media Group leverage Datorama to drive greater strategic value from their data across all clients. “Datorama helps us create at scale for our clients one unified view of their spend, campaign performance, and impact across all brands, markets and technologies. Datorama is a key element to streamlining our operational activities around data ingestion and reporting, so our teams can spend less time building reports and dealing with data preparation, and spend more time analyzing information and recommending value driving decisions to our clients. We are excited about an even brighter future together with Datorama and Salesforce to support our strategic relationships with our clients,” said Sylvain Le Borgne, EVP Global Head of Technology at Havas Group Media.

Datorama will continue to integrate the myriad of technologies used in today’s marketing and consumer engagement ecosystem to provide one unified view of data and insights, so companies can make smarter decisions across the entire customer journey and optimize engagement at scale.

We would like to say thank you again to our entire community for being part of the Datorama evolution and celebrating this important milestone with us.

Ran Sarig
Datorama CEO and Co-Founder

Ran Sarig – Datorama CEO and Co-Founder

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