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Datorama July 2018 Release: Data Integration Updates

Brindley Mize

With myriad systems of customers, channels and campaigns, it can be difficult to keep all of your marketing data connected. With new data sources being added all the time, it’s essential for marketers to have the tools to continuously support their data integration needs. Data integration allows businesses to bring together all of their various data sources and provides them with actionable insights in real-time and this release we are excited to feature many exciting integration updates: LiteConnect is available to all, we’ve added new API Connector reprocessing and data retrieval enhancements, and we’re releasing new API Connectors as well. Read on to get the full scoop on all the developments this cycle.

LiteConnect Available to All: LiteConnect is now fully available! Designed with simplicity in mind, LiteConnect streamlines the process of bringing in any data source into the platform. Now, there is no need to worry about data model mapping: data uploaded through LiteConnect lives independently within the platform. You can bring in non-marketing data including sales, product, and weather data and LiteConnect will automatically generate a dashboard for you, featuring key metrics and widgets to get you started on your data exploration immediately.

Google DCM/DFA Custom API Connector: Custom API Connectors allow you to choose exactly which fields and breakdowns you want to bring into Datorama, broadening the data set available directly from these platforms while giving you increased data granularity. Our new Google DCM/DFA Custom API Connector supports the Standard and Floodlight Reports, giving you more flexibility over all your Google Marketing data.

Convertr API Connector: Convertr is a lead management platform helping brands, agencies, and publishers track all of their lead, acquisition, paid and owned channel data. Our new API Connector supports their Lead Network Report, retrieving data based on update time of leads. Take advantage of this API Connector and unify your lead data alongside your sales and marketing data to gain a full picture of your program performance.

Affiliate Future API Connector: Affiliate Future is an affiliate network with over 600 advertisers and 300,000 publishers. Their platform helps advertisers boost online sales and publishers monetize their sites. Our new API Connector supports their Publisher and Transaction Reports. Use this API Connector to ensure that all your performance marketing data is harmonized in one place.

New API Data Stream Feature: Re-Run: Re-Run allows reprocessing of API Data Streams based on files that have already been retrieved into the platform. As with TotalConnect data reprocessing, Re-Run allows you to reprocess your API data stream based on existing retrieved data without affecting Rate Limits and independent of vendor’s API performance. This feature also allows users to re-process Lifetime Measurements, such as those found in Social API Connectors, without affecting the existing data’s Date values.

Get Today’s Data: Marketers move at the speed of “now” and need to ensure they are making informed decisions based on the latest data. We are pleased to now offer real-time data retrieval with 0 lag days –allowing you to retrieve data up till the present day– for 20+ API Connectors. To enable this feature go to your ‘Data Stream Advanced Settings’ and check the ‘Include Today’s Data in Retrieval’ box.

Twitter Ads API Connector: Tweet Level Data: Our Twitter Ads API Connector now supports Tweet Level Data. Please note that the recommended workflow is to use a single set of credentials per data stream to optimally retrieve data.

These are just a few of the updates we released this cycle. If you’re a Datorama customer, check out the knowledge base for a full recap of the release.

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