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Datorama’s Ran Sarig Takes Home the Bronze for CEO of the Year

Simona Kazinets

Time to make some room on the shelf. Recently, the winners of the 13th Annual IT World Awards were announced, and among them was Datorama’s CEO & Co-founder, Ran Sarig. Ran took home the bronze for the 2018 CEO of the Year in the mid-size business category.

Network Products Guide, a leading technology research and advisory guide, conducted the evaluation of applicants. The publication is regarded as a place where decision makers are able to stay informed with regards to the latest progress in all areas related to technology.

So, why Ran?

Ran leads the Datorama team by getting his hands dirty and ensuring transparency. With this straightforward method, morale is high and the entire staff is well aware of its goals to achieve sustained success. It’s no wonder that Datorama was named a Best Place to Work and was also ranked as one of the highest rated private cloud companies to work for.

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Over the last 12 months, Ran has led the team through two major additions to the platform. This includes the release of both SmartLenses and Datorama Genius in 2017. Both launches created an even clearer picture for marketers to better understand and grow their businesses. SmartLenses provides marketers with “single click” dashboards in order to understand the KPIs and marketing insights that matter most for specific data sources. Genius, on the other hand, is the third AI-powered solution within the platform that provides an “always on” way for marketers to continually optimize their programs at scale.

Much like our Marketing Intelligence Platform helps marketers stay ahead of their KPIs and benchmarks, Ran’s leadership style that focuses on a data-driven approach has provided Datorama with tremendous momentum, which is fueling the company’s rapid growth.

The IT World Awards official ceremony honoring this year’s winners will take place on July 30 in San Francisco

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