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Datorama June Release: New API Connectors

Brindley Mize

This week, we’re excited to roll out many new capabilities and resources for our users. One of the easiest ways to connect and unify your data is with API Connectors, and we’re happy to present a handful of new API Connectors this month. With these connectors, Datorama automatically maps your data fields provided by the vendor, and feeds it directly into your data model, allowing you to access all of this information seamlessly.

Read on to learn more about our new connectors:

  • Baidu API Connector: Allows you to integrate your ad group, keyword, and conversions data at the media buy level, giving you a full picture of your performance.
  • Twitter Public API Connector (Competitive): Provides insights into how you measure against your competition through aggregated lifetime data for any public account. When combined with your other social API connectors, this tool can provide your company with a competitive edge.
  • YouTube Public API Connector (Competitive): Allows you to retrieve data focused on engagement and competition, such as views, subscribers, etc.
  • Integrate API Connector: A demand generation platform that provides tools for the management and scalability of your demand marketing efforts. Use our new Integrate API connector to retrieve any report (lead data, campaign sources, etc.) from their platform while harmonizing it with your data model.
  • Performance Horizon API Connector: With our new Performance Horizon API Connector, pull in sales validation, publisher/site, program/campaign, delivery, commissions, and conversion data to understand your affiliates’ performance.

Datorama implements many API connectors to assure you easy access to all of your various data sources. The best part is that you can utilize these API connectors completely based on what is relevant to your own business. With no one use case, users can integrate different API connectors based off their leveraged data sources.

Whether its gaining new access to Chinese markets through the Baidu API connector, or continuing your competitive advantage with the Twitter API Connector, we’re committed to continuing to make data more accessible to all marketers.

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