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ANA Masters of B2B Marketing Talk: IBM and Datorama – Transforming Data & Analytics Into ROI at Scale

Brindley Mize

At the 2018 ANA Masters of B2B Marketing Conference, held earlier this June in Chicago, IL, Datorama had the pleasure of presenting alongside our client IBM at the event. This year the theme focused on growth, in terms of driving business revenue results and marketing ROI at global scale.  B2B marketing is becoming increasingly data-centric and challenging for businesses concerning their marketing transparency, speed to insights, and impact on growth. Katrin Ribant, Chief Solutions Officer & Co-founder here at Datorama, presented alongside Akesh Bhalla, Global Leader in Data Strategy and Reporting at IBM, and Rob Edelman, Digital Analytics and Strategy Manager IBM. These analytics masters disclosed the IBM’s journey to a single source of marketing truth, and how Datorama ultimately helped them get to where they are today.

As Katrin expressed, “we don’t choose how consumers interact with us as brands; we have to talk to consumers on the channels they choose, and that means execution is really complex.” B2B marketers are pressed to connect with their consumers wherever they are, ultimately creating the challenge of interpreting their cross-channel performance, across an extended buyer’s journey. For IBM in the past, connecting with consumers on a massive global scale resulted in each team working in a decentralized manner, leading to disparate data and and challenged decision making. Considering their role as an industry giant, IBM faces vast amounts of data spread across a diverse marketing and marketing analytics organization. With the Datorama implementation, IBM’s “5,000 marketers now have access to all of these analytics and data, in real-time, in one place”, according to Akesh Bhalla. IBM leverages Datorama to optimize marketing ROI by understanding which investments are delivering results and which are not, so marketers can move into always-on optimization and action.  Users interact with this data daily through a proprietary portal called IBM Pearl which packages the data, insights, and educational resources every role needs to make smarter decisions. Datorama’s interoperability enabled IBM to design an experience perfectly tailored for their marketers on top of clean, trusted data.


Now with Datorama, discussions at IBM are always focused on the business results that matter at each level in the organization.  The results speak for themselves. By leveraging Pearl and the power of Datorama within it, IBM shared how they drove a +22% campaign efficiency improvement in 2017 and received industry recognition for excellence with a recent I-COM Grand Prize and an Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Genius Award.


Datorama provides a single platform that enables marketers to centralize their data, optimize marketing spend, and generate actionable insights to impact their business growth.  Rob Edelman summarized the impact by saying, “What this really enabled us to do was to a drive management system now that’s built on a solid data strategy, on top of a solid data foundation.”

Akesh Bhalla described this digital transformation saying, “”This isn’t one tool, one dashboard, it’s how we work today.”

To read more about IBM’s journey with Datorama, download their case study.

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