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Datorama Awarded Codie Award for Best Business Intelligence Tool & Platform

Brindley Mize | 06.19.2018

This past Tuesday, Datorama was happy to receive the 2018 SIIA Codie award for Best Business Intelligence Tool & Platform. The SIIA Codie awards exist within the business technology world to recognize solutions and platforms that provide significant organizational value. This year, Datorama was recognized as the best platform for enabling enterprises to build business intelligence into applications by providing analysis, information delivery, and platform integration.

Our Marketing Intelligence platform functions as a software-as-a-service solution that gives marketers the ability to connect and control all of their various data sources into a streamlined single source of truth for more effective reporting, decision making, and marketing performance. Datorama’s unique blend of end-to-end data management, built-in AI technology, and straightforward design makes it easy for marketers to connect and unify their marketing information. Our scalable cloud infrastructure is easily deployed to optimize budgets, analyze insights and ultimately impact growth quickly. All in all, we are here to solve marketing’s demanding data challenges to deliver mission-critical marketing intelligence.

Our very own Boaz Ram, VP of Technology Partnerships, was there to take home the award at the SIIA Annual Conference in San Francisco, CA. We are honored to be recognized for our business technology and look forward to what the future holds at Datorama!


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