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I-COM 2018: Pernod Ricard – Unlocking the Consumer Journey

Brindley Mize

Earlier in April, Datorama had the privilege of attending the i-COM 2018 Global Summit where we shared the stage with several impressive marketing data professionals from around the world. Katrin Ribant, our Chief Solutions Officer and Co-Founder, spoke at the event, joined by Guibert Tchinde, Global Data Acceleration Leader at Pernod Ricard, as well as various other marketing analytics wizards.

The Q&A focused on the theme of understanding the customer journey, as well as its impact from a media planning perspective. Katrin touched on the importance in having a cultivated view of a diversified marketing mix in terms of captivating your target customers at each stage in the customer journey. When looking at the customer journey, marketers are essentially mapping out their target audience’s behavior across many touchpoints. To effectively progress at each stage in the consumer lifecycle, investing in media that actually helps connect with your target consumers and brings in repeat purchases or conversions is essential. According to Guibert Tchinde at Pernod Ricard, the consumer journey is a “theoretical motive”, that we leverage “to influence a key moment that matters” in the process. Whether you are creating an experience with the brand, or reaching a certain conversion rate through the necessary metrics and tactics, it all starts with defining the purpose of your customer journey.

Optimizing every stage of the customer journey will keep your business on the right path to make smarter decisions across all your marketing and media planning efforts. Datorama enables marketers to enhance each and every investment, performance, and outcome across the whole customer journey. Datorama enabled Pernod Ricard to take ownership of their data, establish transparency in their media buying and investments, and optimize their campaigns and performance in real time. It is a story of transparency, speed, and growth being achieved at global scale. See Case Study here.

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