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The Value of Cross-Channel Measurement

Jay Wilder

Marketers are responsible for driving performance, impact, and growth with their data-driven decision making. With increasing access to a wider range of capabilities, marketers are now able to engage with their consumers in new ways. Whether in forms of the past, such as TV or radio, or with the latest growth of social media, digital display ads, and video, the number of touchpoints are certainly expanding.

Waiting to receive performance reports will leave you with days or weeks old data that is difficult to act on, leaving opportunities vacant. With the growth of digital, marketers now have the ability access this data real-time. Speeding up your reporting and insight development will ultimately allow you to make easy adjustments that concentrate on your specific needs as they change or update.

In the evolving digital age, consumers are connected more than ever, constantly jumping between platforms and devices, all the while demanding personalized experiences. Markets have to adapt with greater interconnection between all channels. Many of these new channels have individual analytics tools to help you track their performance, but each tool displays the data within a different frame a reference. To win on the digital playground, you need to avoid a silo mentality and use a comprehensive perspective of how each channel is performing within the context of others.

Many marketers are moving in the direction of tracking cross-channel campaign performance. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • By moving away from a vacuum oriented view, you will no longer miss out on valuable trends and opportunities across channels.
  • When using a cross channel perspective, social can reveal a valuable impact on business results that may have been hidden before.
  • Testing campaigns or messages across channels is easy to roll out and in turn receive timely feedback to compare for cross-channel performance.
  • Greater ability to differentiate performance for one channel relative to others for a given campaign.
  • Consistent communication with consumers across channels improves customer experience which leads to improved customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty.
  • By having better transparency over cross channel performance, you can generate greater opportunities to optimize your channel ROI, and better allocate your marketing budgets to the highest performing mediums, content, creative, audiences, and customers.

Ultimately, by synchronizing your data from various channels and systems, your organization can get a stronger holistic view of what your campaigns are really doing. Not only will you be able to improve your campaigns in a timely manner but also see real business.

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