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How to Choose the Right Marketing Dashboard Software

Jay Wilder

As a marketer, it simply makes sense to visualize and interact with your data in a marketing dashboard.  Having all the right information at your fingertips is an important step to improving your ROI and business outcomes– as well as optimally managing your valued partners.  But, it takes more than data visualization alone to transform your data into smarter decision making.  In this post, we’ll examine how to choose the right marketing dashboard software for your business.  Armed with the right knowledge, you can make an informed decision that meets your needs today while allowing scalability and maturity for the future.

Example of Marketing Dashboard Software

Marketing dashboards help marketers visualize their data for smarter decision making, analytics, insights, and reporting.

Choose a technology partner that is focused on solving the same challenges as you are, namely:

  1. Transparency across all your marketing and business outcome data
  2. Speed to optimize, report, test and learn, and scale
  3. Driving growth from every marketing investment and performance

Choose a technology partner that is focused on putting marketers, themselves, in control– with strong capabilities in these three areas:

  1. Built for Marketing – Look for technologies, enablement, and communities that share your DNA and speak your language.  Marketing data is challenging and always evolving. Smarter marketing technology comes from technology companies working with smart marketers every day. General data technologies don’t have this focus.
  2. AI-automated – Marketing data is complex. But that doesn’t mean marketers can’t have control over it.  AI and machine learning based approaches have been developed to bring the flexibility and control marketers need to manage their data preparation, visualization, and insights.  Did you know that AI can deliver 80% greater efficiency to these processes?  Not only that, AI-driven marketing software can help you deploy on time, flex with change and scale with success.
  3. Holistic – Your marketing dashboard is actually only part of the solution you need.  Effective dashboard solutions also need to contain best-in-industry capabilities for data integration and data harmonization, as these will connect and unify marketing and business data from different sources.  Today, marketers can go beyond dashboards as well. AI insights and activation triggers for alerts and automations are part of the next generation of marketing dashboards– and are available now.

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