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3 Marketing Dashboard Examples for your Paid Media Advertising

Jay Wilder

Having a single source of truth of all your advertising is an important first step to becoming data driven. With all of your paid media data in one place, you can access the dashboards, KPIs and segments you’ll need to report, optimize, and gain insight. With this level of data ownership you’ll have complete visibility to answer questions like:

  • What is the impact and ROI of our marketing spend?
  • Where should we spend our next dollar?
  • How do our channels and campaigns interact to drive better outcomes?

We’ve put together three marketing dashboard examples visualizations that will help you prove and improve the ROI of your advertising. To make these automated and available on-demand, learn more about taking the Marketing Intelligence approach.

Cross-Channel Marketing Dashboard

Our customers and audiences are cross-channel – our dashboards should be too. View your KPIs for your paid media spend in one place with built in pacing and benchmarking to understand what success looks like. Then, break down those results into you campaigns and campaign types to see opportunities to double down and course-correct.

Cross-Channel Marketing Dashboard

Channel Scorecard Dashboard

Know how each of your channels stacks up against one one another. A channel scorecard view presents your KPIs for media spend, performance, and response across each of your channels– and includes an index score to normalize your ROI across them all.

Channel Scorecard Dashboard

Channel Dashboard

Get down to the channel level and beyond. View your KPIs for your media spend, engagement, conversion across campaigns and creative to see what’s resonating and converting. Then toggle your modeling app to see how more or less investment will impact performance. This is an example of a social channel dashboard.

Social Marketing Dashboard

Get started with smarter decision making by getting the right information at your fingertips with advertising dashboards like these. To learn more about how to make these simple and accessible for your team organization, schedule a demo today.

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