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Top Advertising KPIs for Your Paid Media Dashboard

Jay Wilder

Marketers don’t own a budget anymore, they own an outcome.  That’s why as a marketer focused on digital media or advertising, you need clear KPIs to drive efficiency, effectiveness and ROI for every dollar spent.  

Here are some of the top KPIs for measuring your paid marketing efforts.  Each of these should be viewed in total as well as across all of the different levels of your business and marketing –including business unit, region, channel, campaign, audience and tactic.

Making this measurement “always-on” is the first step on improving outcomes.  Learn how with Marketing Intelligence.


Campaign Spend Breakout


Volume KPIs

Know what you’re spending, where you’re spending and how your investments are delivering value back to the business.

  • Total Media Spend
  • Impressions and/or Verified Impressions
  • Engagements
  • Traffic
  • Conversions


Efficiency KPIs

How efficient are our investments at driving desired reach, response or outcomes.

  • CPM, CPE (cost per engagement), CPA (cost per acquisition)
  • vCPM, vCPE, vCPA (Verified metrics that integrate your ad verification and cost data)



Pacing KPIs

Is our level of investment and return on pace for the month, quarter or year?

  • Actual Media Spend vs. Planned Media Spend
  • Actual Conversions vs. Planned Conversions



Effectiveness or Relevance KPIs

How effective are campaigns, content and creative at driving engagement and conversion?

  • Engagement Rate
  • View-Thru-Rate (e.g., for videos)
  • Conversion Rate  


Impact KPIs

What conversion or sales outcomes are investments generating?

  • Website Traffic and/or Foot Traffic
  • Sales Volume and Revenue
  • ROI


Brand Health KPIs

What brand outcomes are investments generating?

  • Direct search traffic
  • Social listening volume
  • Social listening sentiment
  • Survey sentiment


With these KPIs you can drive transparency, speed, and growth in your marketing.  With Marketing Intelligence, you can make them always-on and scalable. See how companies like like IBM, Pernod Ricard and Ticketmaster have transformed with the right marketing KPIs and technology.  Or have a question? Let’s chat.

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