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Data 101: What is Data Preparation?

Jay Wilder | 05.11.2018

Data Preparation is the process of collecting, cleaning, and consolidating data in one centralized place for reporting, analytics and, strategic insight.


How Data Preparation Impacts Marketers

Data Preparation is a crucial step in analytics and reporting for marketers to understand because of the variety of different data sources they use.

  • Omnichannel marketers need to prepare their data to gain insight across different channels, devices, and sales touchpoints.
  • Multichannel digital marketers need to prepare their data to understand the relative performance of different programs, campaigns and channels on web traffic, conversion, sales and brand health.
  • Media and advertising marketers need to prepare their data to do analysis across paid digital and programmatic channels, ad serving platforms, and ad verification platforms.


Data Preparation is most often used in marketing when:

  • Integrating multiple data sources together for reporting and marketing analytics
  • Data is messy, inconsistent or in a non-standardized taxonomy
  • Reporting on data with manual entries in it that change or be inconsistent (such as campaign naming conventions)
  • Data is collected from reporting files (such as .xls, .csv, .pdf) that require data cleansing


Did You Know?  80% of analytics time is typically consumed by data preparation.

That doesn’t leave a lot of time for insight!  Manual data preparation is complex and time consuming.  That’s why marketers are now adopting ways to automate data preparation with intelligent technology. (citation: Harvard Business Review, Forbes)


Datorama Marketing Intelligence automates data preparation for marketers.

Datorama is the leading solution for marketers to automated their data preparation.

  • Built for marketers with no coding required
  • Automatically integrates, cleanses, models and prepares data
  • Uses AI machine learning and in-the-box dynamic data modeling to get your data into one common language or taxonomy for analysis


Learn more about Datorama’s platform, solutions, resources, and customers.


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