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May 2018 Release: Python Retrieval, Netbase & Gemius AdOcean API Connectors

Loretta Shen

This month’s release features three ways that we’re helping customers bring data into Datorama.

Python Retrieval

We now support Python, a popular and user-friendly programming language, allowing you to expand the range of metrics you pull into our platform. With Python Retrieval, run a Python script on a scheduled interval and store the output of the script within Datorama’s Data Model. The Python script itself can connect to anything that you can integrate using Python – from REST APIs to databases or big data stores.

New Netbase API Connector

Netbase is a Social Media Analytics Platform that helps companies track their brand health in real-time and ultimately understand their consumers better. Use our new Netbase API Connector to easily integrate your social listening metrics, including mentions, sentiments, likes, impressions, etc.

New Gemius AdOcean API Connector

Gemius AdOcean is an ad server that helps marketers effectively manage all their advertising in one place. Use our new AdOcean API Connector to seamlessly bring in your campaign, delivery, and media buy data (clicks, impressions, video metrics, publisher, creative, etc.) This API Connector automatically standardizes various AdOcean reports so that you can consistently monitor your metrics.

To take advantage of these API Connectors, just log in with the relevant credentials in the Connect & Mix tab. Have a question? Contact


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