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The Marketing Technology Landscape in 2018: ~7000 Solutions

Lucas Stewart

Every year at MarTech, Scott Brinker reveals what’s become an anticipated State of the Union-style address for marketers: a supergraphic of today’s marketing technology solutions. Marketers await the tally for just how many solutions are now available, and the staggering growth each year seems to align with the continuous expansion of technologies, practices and data marketers are expected to integrate.

This year, that growth continued; the Martech 5000 (as its name has settled at) included 6,829 marketing technology solutions from 6,242 unique marketing technology vendors.

Here’s the graphic:

Notably, Chiefmartec highlights that 2018’s number is the same as combining the entirety of technologies listed from 2011-2016.

Despite a year of many acquisitions, the consolidation of marketing technology has yet to materialize (as many predicted it would back in the mid-2010s). This means more disparate data sources for marketers that need to be integrated, harmonized and unified for analysis.

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