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Introducing LiteConnect, for Faster Integration and Instant Visualization

Loretta Shen

We’re excited to introduce the easiest way to connect to any flat file– and instantly visualize it. LiteConnect is here!

Across a growing technology stack, marketers are often working with non-traditional data sources that are not necessarily meant to be mapped 1-1 with their traditional marketing sources. LiteConnect makes one-off analysis easier than ever, and equips marketers to get answers to on-the-fly questions faster.

Quickly add flat files for analysis with LiteConnect


Designed with simplicity in mind, LiteConnect rounds out our Data Integration Engine and streamlines the process of bringing in any flat file. Data uploaded through LiteConnect lives independently within the platform, so marketers have the flexibility to analyze their data without having to map it to the data model. This means you can easily, instantly analyze any data, including non-marketing sources like sales, product, and weather data.

Best of all, using artificial intelligence, LiteConnect analyzes your data for you, providing you with an auto-generated dashboard so you can get started analyzing right away. Alongside TotalConnect and our API Connector library, you now have the most robust and flexible data ingestion and harmonization capabilities available at your fingertips.

LiteConnect is available to all Datorama clients. Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

If you’re not a Datorama customer, see LiteConnect in action by requesting a demo.

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