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Marketing Intelligence This Week: More Data from Google/Facebook, The Transparency Hangover, In-House Programmatic

Katrin Ribant

Marketing intelligence as in industry is changing and progressing quickly. To help keep you up to speed, I’ve selected three news stories from this week that I think all marketers should read. This week, ad fraud is a particularly important topic– read on for more.


The Current Duopoly Shares More Data with Brand – with Caveats
Sizable brands and top-tier publishers can use their clout to pressure media platforms into sharing more measurement data – but what are advertisers actually getting? Just enough to keep them spending, according to this article.



What Happens After the Transparancy Hangover?
Spurred by the groundbreaking ANA K2 report, marketers spent the latter half of 2016 and much of 2017 talking about transparency. This article explores the data-driven digital ad ecosystem from the marketer’s point of view, written by Electronic Art’s Global Director of Media Activation.



WTF is In-House Programmatic?
With household names such as American Express, L’Oréal, and Netflix taking their programmatic operations in-house, an increasing number of brands are now wondering: should we do the same? And more importantly: what does this entail? This guide explains it all.


Improve your Marketing Knowledge:

Art news this week:


Stay tuned for more essential reading in the evolving world of marketing intelligence.


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