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March 2018 Release: Affiliate Marketing Connectors

Loretta Shen | 03.06.2018

Performance marketing centers around the idea that advertisers pay based on results. A popular form of performance marketing today is affiliate marketing, which allows an affiliate of the advertiser (whether publisher, influencer, blogger, vlogger, etc) to promote products and services through their own marketing efforts to their audiences in order to generate a percentage share sales revenue from the advertiser. The links between the advertiser, the affiliate, and the consumer are powered by affiliate networks, which provide the technology that connects advertisers to their affiliates. In our latest release, we’re excited to present to affiliate network API Connectors: HasOffers and Awin.

New Awin API Connector

Awin’s global affiliate network connects 13,000 advertisers to 100,000 publishers, generating millions in yearly sales. Awin’s goal is to help advertisers and publishers of any size grow their businesses online. Use our new Awin API Connector to bring in data including clicks, impressions, media cost, total conversions, and revenue.

New HasOffers API Connector

HasOffers helps marketers manage and scale their publisher relationships. Their platforms enables the measurement, analysis, and optimization of performance marketing campaigns with real-time data. With our new API Connector, access your offer data seamlessly, including impressions, clicks, media cost, total conversions, and revenue.


To take advantage of these API Connectors, just log in with the relevant credentials in the Connect & Mix tab. Have a question? Contact


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