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4 Digital Marketing Dashboards to Elevate Your Brand

Lucas Stewart

As digital marketing evolves, the trifecta of paid, earned and owned media becomes more intertwined. Marketers need to understand how paid efforts drive more exposure to their owned properties, and how brand health garners more earned media to these properties. To complete the circle, they need to see the effects of paid on brand health and answer questions like: how many more positive mentions did my display campaign drive? How am I doing compared to my competitors in terms of media spend and share of voice?

To see the interdependency of the digital media properties, one needs to only look at the data. These digital marketing dashboards show how paid, earned and owned media are connected– and reveal some of the crucial insights and vantage points that arise from having a unified view.

Brand Manager: Overview

Brand managers in all their forms have a mission to improve brand health– while driving awareness. They need to understand the impact of media spend on brand metrics like share of voice and audience sentiment, as well as sales.

Brand Manager: Trend and SOV

This detailed view shows the trending relationship of media cost, revenue, website visits, and social media mentions and likes. And it shows a breakdown of a key brand health metric, share of voice– compared to the organization’s competitors.

Media Manager: Overview

A media manager’s chief concern is the effectiveness of their paid, earned and owned media on driving bottom-line metrics like clicks, conversions, and revenue. This dashboard shows a media manager’s overview of their most important metrics by media type (with a focus on Paid).

Media Manager: Earned vs. Owned, Media Spend

This dashboard best shows the interdependency of the marketing mix; how spend (paid), page likes (earned), and visits (owned/all) are performing in comparison to the bottom-line– Revenue.

Digital marketers need to understand the impact of the complete marketing mix on awareness, consideration and impact of the brand. They need to measure these programs in terms of web, sales volume, brand lift (e.g., social buzz/sentiment, direct search volume, PR). The impact of paid becomes important against all of these, but digital marketers take a holistic of the full mix and how it’s helping to drive awareness, consideration, purchase and market share.

To understand the complete marketing mix, digital marketers need a unified view of all of their paid, owned and earned data. Want to view marketing mix data in Datorama? Request a demo.

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