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Marketing Intelligence This Week: More AI in Marketing, The Convergence of Ad and Mar Tech, How to Win in Amazon Ads

Katrin Ribant

Marketing intelligence as in industry is changing and progressing quickly. To help keep you up to speed, I’ve selected three news stories from this week that I think all marketers should read. This week, ad fraud is a particularly important topic– read on for more.


5 Disruptions to Marketing, Part 5: Artificial Intelligence (2018 Update)
This is the final part 5 of a five-part series, providing an update on the 5 Disruptions to Marketing as 2018 marches forward. It addresses the buzziness of the term ‘artificial intelligence’, to separate fact from fiction and argue why AI needs to be considered as a real, developing force in marketing.



How Can Brands ‘Converge’ Ad Tech And Mar Tech?
Will ad tech and mar tech converge, as nearly all researchers predict? This article discusses our obligation to provide prospects and customers with digital experiences that are graceful, consistent and harmonious across both paid and owned media. And where do the data scientists belong? In considering the convergence (or not) of these spaces, it’s interesting to highlight the differences that exist.



The Key to a Winning Amazon Ad Strategy? Go Big Everywhere Else
This article is by Syracuse Professor Brian Sheehan, where he says top-of-funnel marketing now is vital to secure your place in shoppers’ habits tomorrow.



My other favorite news stories this week:


Stay tuned for more essential reading in the evolving world of marketing intelligence.


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