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Marketing Intelligence This Week: Ad Fraud, App Install Fraud, Stop Worrying About AI

Katrin Ribant

Marketing intelligence as in industry is changing and progressing quickly. To help keep you up to speed, I’ve selected three news stories from this week that I think all marketers should read. This week, ad fraud is a particularly important topic– read on for more.


How to Recognize the Subtle Signs that Point to Ad Fraud
How do you know if real humans or bots are clicking on your ads? How do you understand the complex matrix of ad fraud? This article dives into the results of a test monitoring fraudulent behavior and discusses the takeaways for online advertisers.



Mobile App-Install Fraud: 2018 will be the Year of Reckoning
Upward of 40% of mobile app inventory is fraudulent (Marketing Science), and nearly a quarter of mobile ad networks have fraud levels over 20% (Tune). Fraud can manifest differently depending on the app. Learn the measures you can take to get smart and protect against fraud.



How to Get Employees to Stop Worrying and Love AI
AI technology is becoming less expensive and easier for smaller companies to access and operate – but there is often internal resistance to this shift. This article offers practical tips on ways that companies can help their employees become more comfortable working with AI.



My other favorite news stories this week:


Stay tuned for more essential reading in the evolving world of marketing intelligence.


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