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API Update – January, 2018

Loretta Shen

Our mission is to facilitate how you connect, mix, and harmonize your data – no matter where it comes from – within Datorama. In 2017, we received many requests for representation of specific data sources in the platform. We love getting this valuable feedback from our clients and take market feedback and trends into account when planning our release cycles. And best of all, we like to deliver. Did you know we released 50 API Connectors in 2017? And there’s more to come! Read on to learn about the latest API Connectors in Datorama: Adobe Analytics Custom, Adobe Data Warehouse, LinkedIn Competitive, Salesforce Email Marketing, and Kenshoo.

New Adobe Analytics Custom Connector

Marketers need web analytics to gain a full picture of their customer touchpoints and activities – whether they are on desktop or mobile. Our Adobe Analytics Custom Connector allows you to access Adobe’s powerful web analytics reports so that you can deliver the most impactful experiences for your client base. Custom pick the dimensions and measurements, including calculated metrics and custom fields, that are not available in our standard Adobe Analytics API Connector.

New Adobe Data Warehouse API Connector

Web analytics and the related customer insights and audience segmentations can add up to large amounts of data. Access your web analytics data stored within Adobe’s Data Warehouse directly with this new API connector.

LinkedIn Competitive / Public API Connector

LinkedIn Company Pages help marketers build their business presences online and has become an essential representation of companies across verticals. Our new LinkedIn Competitive API connector allows you round out your competitive analysis by bringing in publicly listed information on LinkedIn Company pages while mapping it directly to your data model. With this lifetime data, track your competitor engagement and messaging with ease.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email (ExactTarget) API Connector

Salesforce Email Studio is a leading email marketing platform, helping you drive success with email throughout the customer journey. Use our new API Connector to easily bring your email data (including sends, deliveries, opens, clicks, etc) into the platform, while seamlessly mapping it to your data model.

Kenshoo API Connector

Kenshoo connects marketers and customers, automating and optimizing marketing investments for superior performance across channels and devices. With our new Kenshoo API Connector, bring in your search, social, and display data from your designated report in Kenshoo.

To take advantage of these API Connectors, just log in with the relevant credentials in the Connect & Mix tab. Have a question? Contact

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