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Data 101: What is Marketing Intelligence?

Lucas Stewart

It’s no secret that marketers are generating unprecedented amounts of data.

But marketers don’t just have a “big data” problem. Marketers’ data is fragmented across many tools and systems. It changes frequently as new tools and metrics become available. These two issues then only get bigger as you scale across regions, business units and brands. At its core, marketing intelligence is about helping marketers connect this fragmented, changing data automatically– so it holistically reflects the reality of your cross channel marketing.

This removes traditional IT road blocks to marketers in control– to make data accessible, to make sense of it, to make it a daily actionable resource for decision making. Marketing intelligence platforms address this problem head on, by automating complex processes like data integration, data modeling and insight generation. With the right information accessible, marketing teams become activated and better able to meet the new marketing mandate: to be an engine of growth.

Marketing Intelligence, Defined

Marketing intelligence is the integrated process of  gathering all disparate marketing data, unifying it so analysis can be comprehensive, and setting KPIs to measure marketing progress and deliver growth across any target channel, market, or customer segment.

Before marketing intelligence platforms, analytics and insights lived outside of marketers’ control– whether in teams of external analysts, or locked in walled-garden business intelligence (BI) platforms. The problem is, traditional BI platforms struggle with unique problems presented by marketing data including adapting to the explosion of marketing technology platforms, and creation of further silos within marketing. (You can read more in our whitepaper here.)

Modern Marketing Intelligence

Marketers today are looking for one centralized place where all data and stakeholders can connect to the right information and insights– to make smarter decisions across the customer journey. That means connecting a multitude of disparate data inputs into a system that understands how they need to fit together– and that can flexibly change over time as marketing evolves.

The combination of marketing’s data complexity and requirements of simplicity of control and adaptability has created the conditions for a smarter approach. Marketing intelligence puts marketers themselves in control of their data and goals– creating a new standard of capabilities, built specifically for the marketing use case:

  • One holistic platform built for marketers to connect, unify, analyze and act on all data
  • Simple connection of all marketing, media, sales, and customer data in one place
  • “In the box” expertise to auto-organize data by regions, campaigns, creative, etc.
  • Reporting and Optimization tools built-in to access the right marketing KPIs and insights
  • Activations to support decision making, collaboration and in-the-moment automation
  • Solution focused to optimize performance, impact, customer loyalty and brand health
  • Agility for marketing’s need to evolve, innovate and answer new questions

Marketing Intelligence focuses on empowering the marketing department. To this end, it leverages smart technology that understands and learns from marketing data. Advances in AI, machine learning and embedded marketing expertise have now enabled marketers to take control of their data from end to end.  This means marketers can connect, unify, analyze and act on all of marketing’s data in a way that’s  easy– and even automatic.

With these core capabilities, marketers can move into a state of always-on reporting and optimization across a centralized set of KPIs that serve every level of decision making– from the campaign manager and analyst to the CMO.


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