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SSPs, Publishers and Ad Tech: Optimizing Sell-Side for Everyone

Lucas Stewart

The sell-side of online and mobile advertising is complexifying. Publishers and the ad tech platforms that enable them need to work together, to constantly optimize yield while maximizing revenue. They need to be able to identify and resolve discrepancies in viewability– and make this all understandable through transparent and real-time reporting. Managing this multitude of changing variables, and seeing the insights that matter as they happen requires a unified approach to sell-side.

Marketing intelligence can enable all players to see the right information at the right time. But which objectives do you focus on first? The following are the most important areas in modern sell-side advertising where solid reporting can have the most impact in enabling fluid operations, and real-time action.


Report across all clients

Giving clients the right campaign performance information to measure results and drive next level investments is essential. Unifying internal and external reporting will help you maximize revenue and the quality of your client experience.


Eliminate discrepancies in viewability

Viewability reporting helps you make sense of viewability data while mitigating brand risk and ad fraud. This requires connecting all viewability and verification data in on place, so you can identify and optimize away from non-viewable and risky inventory, while resolving reporting discrepancies.


Optimize yield

Driving yield requires always-on visibility into your inventory usage and campaigns in flight. Ensure you’re reporting on the status of every campaign and partner, so you can make sure you maximize fill rates. Furthermore, provide your inventory and delivery partners with access to monitor their own performance, increasing visibility and yield.


Increase revenue

Using a turnkey pacing solution unifies your reserved inventory delivery and order management system data to deliver automated pacing, goal management, and revenue calculations in real-time.


Ultimately, sell-side may feel complex. You need to optimize the value of inventory across direct and programmatic channels while understanding your audiences across screens and devices– all while giving clients the right campaign performance information to measure results and drive next level investments. If your sell-side strategy feels more complex than it needs to be, marketing intelligence can alleviate the challenging parts so you can focus on finding insights and taking action.


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