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Views to Add to Your B2B Marketing Dashboard

Lucas Stewart

B2B marketers are no strangers to data and reporting. Business to business marketing often means long sales cycles, multifaceted campaigns and touch points, and a deeply segmented marketing funnel. At the same time, B2B marketers are often given high growth targets an an emphatic expectation to prove marketing ROI. Catering to a complex customer journey, and providing explanations at every turn, can only be achieved one way: with comprehensive marketing analytics.

We put together examples of what to include on your B2B marketing dashboard at the highest level– so you can answer the most important questions, whenever they’re asked.

B2B Marketing Dashboard Examples

Overall Lead Numbers

How close are you to hitting lead targets? How are those leads converting down the pipeline? It’s important to have a clear view of your top-level lead qualification metrics, so you can immediately see where bottlenecks may be occurring between stages.

Complete Marketing Funnel

Drilling deeper into your lead funnel, you’ll want to see lead stage broken down by program for the same reason listed above. This is a great place to maintain a holistic view of cost per lead (CPL) by program – and look for outliers.

Conversion Velocity

With sales cycles that can reach months or quarters long, B2B marketers should be able to report on how quickly leads are converting down the funnel, and which programs and lead stages leads can linger in.

Sales Insights

Leads and conversions aren’t just a marketing responsibility. It’s also important for sales leadership to be able monitor how their teams are contributing to leads, managing SQLs and driving their revenue targets. With a single source of data truth, marketing and sales can effectively collaborate to drive business growth– and identify challenges and opportunities to focus on together.

With these top-level dashboards, you’ll be able to provide visibility into the crucial KPIs and breakdowns your CMO, Demand Gen Team and Sales Leadership need to create marketing and sales harmony. Going deeper, you can then zoom into your programs and touch points across paid advertising, social media, content marketing, PR and buzz and events for greater control and insights. Want to learn more about B2B marketing dashboards and reporting? Here are some other resources you may find useful:

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