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Marketing Intelligence: Solving the B2B Marketing and Sales Divide

Jay Wilder

For B2B marketers, leveraging data to make smarter decisions isn’t something new. From impressions to traffic and leads to revenue, B2B marketers interact with data on a daily basis. But most B2B marketers see this information in siloed reports and systems and don’t have an automated way to connect all of this data together. If you’ve been following Gartner’s research and Forrester’s 2018 predictions, this coming year will put more pressure on B2B marketers to prove the value of programs, campaigns and content in a new currency – business growth.

This increased connection to growth targets for sales and revenue is making B2B marketers take a fresh look at their approach to data, reporting and decision making. Measuring impressions, engagement and traffic doesn’t connect to the business impact. Measuring leads, SQLs and opportunities doesn’t connect back to the performance marketing levers required to optimize performance and planning. The answer is not to look at one or the other. Instead, B2B marketers are moving to a holistic view of their marketing and sales data in one place that mirrors the their customer journey stages, complete with the required depth to analyze negative and positive KPI drivers by region, business unit, program, channel, campaign and content.

Understanding the relationships between marketing campaigns, web traffic, and pipeline conversion and velocity requires a new holistic view of B2B marketing KPIs across the martech stack – from digital advertising platforms to SEO tools and organic social pages, to marketing automation technology, web analytics, CRM systems, agency reports and more.


The Challenge: Disconnected Data and Teams

B2B marketers know the pain and challenge of connecting data manually from all of these systems. Excel reports consume days or weeks to produce and aren’t available in real-time. Clicking through tabs to all these systems in isolation creates more questions than answers without any clear paths of cause and effect between them. Meanwhile, the next reporting or insight question is always an email or Slack message away– “Can you run a cohort analysis of the leads from Q1 to see their SQL, revenue and ROI? With breakdowns by program, region and channel?” B2B marketers know a question like this this can become their next 2 week project with finance and sales ops.

But it’s not just a data challenge. The marketing team itself needs data to collaborate on top of a single source of truth to align their B2B KPIs across demand gen, agencies, product marketing, content marketing, PR and the web team. At the helm, the B2B CMO needs to continually report a clear story to diverse audiences across management, sales and the board– all while knowing what performance levers to pull to meet this quarter’s goals and plan for rest of the year.


The Solution: Holistic Marketing Intelligence for B2B Marketing

With the right technology, B2B marketers are taking control. To embrace growth as their new standard, they’re taking a new automated approach to their B2B data, KPIs and insights with Datorama. We call this solution B2B Marketing and Sales Optimization (MSO) and it finally solves the marketing and sales divide – connecting all your KPIs, data sources, campaigns and customer journey stages in one place. Best of all, it visualizes this information with clear marketing dashboards and recommended insights for every stakeholder across your CMO, Demand Gen team, Product and Content Marketing, PR, Web and sales leadership. With MSO, gone are the days of manually compiling reports, copying and pasting disconnected views into PowerPoint and cringing at the next analysis question. Instead, MSO provides a clear “always-on” source of truth that’s easy to set up and flexible to evolve with your business and test and learn strategies.

Ready to embrace growth and a holistic, automated view of your data in 2018? Choose your path to get started:

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