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15 Verification & Viewability Stats You Need to Know

Loretta Shen

Transparency. Viewability. Ad fraud. Brand safety. Verification. These are all buzzwords that are cited on a daily basis in the digital advertising industry. The following 15 stats will illuminate why these words are top of mind for marketers today.

Digital advertising spend is only going to increase.

1.) 67% of CMOs plan to increase spend in digital advertising (Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2017-2018)

2.) While 63% plan to decrease or flatline spend in offline advertising (Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2017-2018)

However, despite the continued investment in digital, marketers are still deeply concerned with online ad transparency.

3.) In a March 2017 report, 31% of advertisers surveyed reported concerns about viewability standards of display and video ads (Credit Suisse April 2017 The Future of Advertising)

4.) In another November 2017 report , 78% of marketing leaders reported increased concern about brand safety over the last 12 months (Teads Nov 2017 report)

5.) And 77% were more concerned about ad fraud (Teads Nov 2017 report)

6.) In light of these concerns, over the last 12 months, 93% of CMOs have taken steps to overhaul their digital strategy including reviewing relationships with suppliers and agencies (Teads Nov 2017 report)

Of course, conquering ad transparency and verification is an ongoing effort.

7.) 63% of advertisers struggle to control their exposure to ad fraud and non-brand safe inventory (Infectious Media Nov 2017 Report into the programmatic in-house trend 2017)

And we still need to make strides to improve viewability, ad fraud, and brand safety as an industry. According to Integral Ad Science’s H1 2017 Media Quality Report, in display:

8.) Up to 11.5% of impressions are fraudulent

9.) 53.6% of impressions are in view per the MRC standard

10.) 9.4% of impressions land on risky content

And in video:

11.) Up to 15.8% of impressions are fraudulent

12.) 57.8% of impressions are in view per the MRC standard

13.) 11.2% of impressions land on risky content

If this isn’t enough to sound the alarm regarding ad transparency, quantifying media waste illuminates the problem we’re tackling. In the third annual Bot Baseline Report published in March of 2017, White Ops and the ANA projected that:

14.) Ad fraud losses would amount to 9% of display spending and 22% of video spending in 2017

Which translated to an:

15.) Estimated monetary loss due to ad fraud in 2017: $6.5 billion

There’s a reason why transparency was a key priority for marketers in 2017 – and will continue to be in 2018. Make sure you’re making the most of your verification strategy today. To learn more about taking action on viewability & verification, contact us.

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