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Verification & Datorama

The Datorama Team | 09.28.2017

Digital ad transparency is possibly the hottest topic in the industry today. With estimates up to the billions in waste and brand leaders calling for a clean media supply chain, it’s time for us to come together and collectively make verification pervasive. Marketers should have access to viewable, fraud-free, and brand safe impressions no matter where or how they buy media.

As an industry, we’ve already made great strides – there are a number of players in the space that enable marketers to verify exactly where their campaign dollars are going.

At Datorama, we work with all verification vendors to make sure you have a holistic view of your data, no matter where it comes from. Take advantage of our Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Moat API Connectors to seamlessly connect your data. Or use our verification ads bucket in TotalConnect to import any vendor data such as DoubleVerify and WhiteOps.

Learn more about our work with IAS and the state of the industry, or dive deep into ad fraud with WhiteOps through our 5 questions series.

To make the most out of your verification data, contact us today.


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