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New Release: Integral Ad Science (IAS) API Connector

Loretta Shen

Brands are increasingly demanding trust and transparency in digital advertising and ad verification has become an essential part of all online advertising campaigns.

A leader in the verification space, IAS measures media quality for marketers, empowering them to effectively influence consumers everywhere, on every device. Here at Datorama, we know that viewable, brand safe and fraud free ads are the building blocks of any campaign. That’s why we developed the IAS API connector –  to help you seamlessly import your verification data and harmonize it with the rest of your campaign data. With IAS data, make sure you’re only reporting on and optimizing off of impressions that were seen by real humans, in the right environments.

Our new IAS API connector allows you to access all of your verification data including Ad Fraud, Brand Safety, Viewability, Geo-Compliance, Device Type, TRAQ Score (overall media quality) and more so that you can feel confident in the integrity of your marketing campaigns and focus on increasing performance and driving outcomes.

Try it today under Data Streams. Have a question? Reach out to

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