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Datorama Added as LinkedIn Marketing Partner for Analytics

Leah Pope

We’re thrilled to be added to the list of official LinkedIn Marketing Partners, which is a community of LinkedIn-approved marketing technology vendors that can help boost campaign performance.

As part of its all-new Marketing Analytics category, LinkedIn selected Datorama for its integration with LinkedIn’s Marketing Analytics APIs.

This relationship follows on the heels of our partnership announcement with DataSift, which provides marketers with deeper insights into the 500+ million professionals on LinkedIn. Datorama Customers, take note: You can immediately start connecting to LinkedIn or DataSift data in our marketing intelligence platform, today.

Learn more about DataSift in our five-question interview with their SVP of Agency and AdTech.

What makes LinkedIn data so great?

Apart from the advantage of advertising to a network of more than 500 million members, LinkedIn Ads allow for nuanced targeting based on factors, such as: Skills, industries, and other dimensions that are critical to classifying leads and accounts in marketing.

Example: LinkedIn Ads dashboard

Investing in LinkedIn is an important part of any social strategy, especially in its ability to target professionals based on factors like their respective skills and work history.

Delve Deeper with DataSift

Get even deeper targeting and research capabilities with DataSift PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights. PYLON helps you better understand your audience overall — and the type of segments that engage with your content — thereby fueling better targeted ad campaigns.

Example: Bubble chart using DataSift data, showing audiences who engage with the topic “wealth management”

With PYLON, you can discover new audiences for your brands or products, research the behavior of high-value offerings, and identify those who are most likely to engage in advance. For example, the bubble chart above displays how various segments interact with the topic of “wealth management” on LinkedIn. From “high tech sector” to “business traveler,” you can see the scale and interest of different segments’ preferences by a multitude of factors.

If you’re advertising on LinkedIn and not leveraging the incredible trove of tools available for better research, targeting, and messaging, you’re missing out.

Want to get started analyzing LinkedIn Ads or DataSift? Connect now in the platform via the “Connect & Mix” tab and simply select the API.

If you have a question on one of these connectors, you can always reach the Datorama team by messaging us at

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