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New Release: Hubspot Email Marketing Connector

Lucas Stewart

Email marketing is a key digital touchpoint and one of the most effective channels in reaching consumers and driving responses. Hubspot’s inbound marketing and sales platform helps companies attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. Frequently cited dominating the market share of marketing automation vendors, Hubspot serves companies big and small and has proven to be an essential tool to marketers focused on demand generation.

With our new HubSpot API Connector, onboard all of your email marketing data to understand which messages are resonating with consumers. Then, join your email data with the rest of your data sources for a holistic view of all your marketing programs. Create custom measurements around your KPIs– from Email Open Rate to Email CTR to Open, for a comprehensive view of email marketing impact over time.

Example email marketing dashboard built with SmartLenses

Want a one-click email marketing dashboard? Our Hubspot connector is compatible with SmartLenses, so you can hit the ground running with your email marketing reporting.

Try it today under Data Streams. Have a question? Reach out to

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