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Data Fusion Helps you Extend your Analysis

Loretta Shen

As a marketer, at any given moment you’re probably tracking numerous marketing channels, dimensions, and measurements through various data streams. And Datorama is here to empower you to do so.

Datorama Mix is the only marketer-focused data model in the market, and it has the unparalleled ability to create the most common relationships across all your marketing data for you. But what happens when you’ve got a unique use case or method of segmenting your data? That’s where Data Fusion comes in. Data Fusion allows you to choose any two previously unrelated dimensions in Datorama and “fuse” them together, thus extending your data model.

We also understand that marketers often need to incorporate non-marketing specific data into their analysis. Enter Data Fusion again. Since Data Fusion connects any entity (typically a Generic Data Stream) semantically within Datorama, without the need to remap or reprocess your data, marketers can easily extend their data model past traditional marketing sources. For example, use Data Fusion to put marketing data in the context of:

  • Benchmark data
  • CRM data
  • Product & inventory promotion
  • Regional growth indexes
  • Weather data
  • Economic data

To learn more about Data Fusion and extending your data model, get in touch today!

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