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Data 101: What is Marketing Performance Management?

Lucas Stewart | 08.10.2017

Marketing is changing. Even the number of marketing technologies available has compounded from 150 to over 5,000 since 2011.

Meanwhile, marketing performance is accelerating. With shorter campaign cycles and ever more data, marketers are operating in a world of always-on reporting and optimization.

Marketers have a new set of questions to answer, with greater urgency. Some are new to marketing altogether, and others have been asked in the past but now require answers at every level of the organization– and in real time.

  1. Which campaigns are working?
  2. Where should we spend our next dollar?
  3. Is our marketing spend and delivery on pace?
  4. Are the right audiences getting the right marketing?
  5. Are we creating a great customer experience?

Marketing performance management (MPM) is the strategic optimization of marketing resources and processes, to measure and achieve a great ROI– while maintaining the customer experience, and customer loyalty.

We wrote a whitepaper on the subject, with a twist– calling it Marketing Performance Optimization. Because in practice, managing the current state of marketing looks like daily optimization. And to stay on top of the vast array of marketing efforts and outcomes, the underlying analytics need to have a set of requirements that enable fast access, comprehensive analysis, and fault-proof data management.

Want to learn how to get to a state of marketing performance optimization? You can read the full whitepaper here.

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