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Introducing: Datorama SmartLenses

Loretta Shen

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest innovation: Datorama SmartLenses.

In a world where marketers are inundated with countless data sources, it can be overwhelming to build out Marketing Process Optimization (MPO) solutions. Enter SmartLenses.

Rooted in our marketing-focused data models and built with marketing automation in mind, SmartLenses are one-click dashboards that bring you instant expertise.

Think of them as a data starter packs – we’ve built templates to visualize your data, taking care of KPI set-up and data modeling from key channels to give you dashboards to work with from day one, so that you can focus on the important task of building out the rest of your MPO. And of course, SmartLenses are customizable, so you can tweak any part of the dashboard to fully suit your needs.

Getting started is easy

SmartLenses are available to all Datorama clients. Simply connect your data source and see it automatically transformed into a dashboard that presents insights in a way that will inform effective business decisions and empower you to increase performance and drive positive outcomes. SmartLenses are currently available for the following categories: Organic/Earned, Paid Digital, Ad Servers/Ad Tech and Web Analytics. Download our one-sheet to learn more today!

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