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Meet the Team: DMA Marketing Analytics Conference

Lucas Stewart

June 5-6, brilliant minds in marketing and data science will gather at this year’s Marketing Analytics Conference by the Data & Marketing Association. From keynote sessions to strategy-swapping over coffee, the conference focuses on the ins and outs of marketing analytics.

As the deluge of marketing data continues, the importance –and challenge– of marketing analytics swells. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to go beyond spreadsheets or data visualization and for every marketer to understand concepts like data integration and classification.

We may be biased, but there’s one marketer we’re particularly excited about hearing from. Catch our CMO, Leah Pope, sharing her take on leveraging data to stay afloat.

What: MAC Session with Datorama CMO, Leah Pope

When: Day 1 (June 5) at 2pm

Where: General Session Room – JW Marriot | Austin, TX


How to get ahead of the digital revolution using data

Data is being generated at a pace exceeding Moore’s Law and to make matters worse its complexity is becoming even more amplified. In addition, consumers’ expectations of their interactions with businesses have completely changed — they expect personalized, one-to-one interactions across their multiple devices throughout their purchase journey. The only way to stay ahead of the data revolution is to effectively integrate and streamline your data pipelines. Learn during this case study how successful data integration will help you to see specific next steps for your own customer-centered strategy.


Want to meet the Datorama team? Reach out on Twitter.

We look forward to seeing you at MAC 2017!


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