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Introducing: Einstein Marketing Insights


UPDATE: Datorama Genius is now Einstein Marketing Insights. Please visit our Salesforce product page for more.

We’re excited to share the news of our latest innovation on the way: Einstein Marketing Insights.

Einstein Marketing Insights is AI-powered automatic insights for marketers. Beyond anomaly detection or goal monitoring, it will help you drive your KPI performances day-by-day by revealing the optimization paths across all your data. It’s been in the works for some time, and we’re super proud to share the news today and the official full release within the platform in the coming weeks.

How Does it Work?

Select your KPI, and click the lightbulb icon. It’s as simple as that. Einstein Marketing Insights works across all your data to analyze all the positive and negative drivers on your KPIs, and reveals insights in a format that’s easy to read and explore.

Behind the scenes, Einstein Marketing Insights uses automated regression modelling and proprietary statistical analysis methods to mine your data for insights that matter most to your business. It balances effect size, statistical significance, and predictive power to show you significant things that are happening –both good and bad. The result is feed of insights that show you the optimization paths across your data to help you flip your optimization switch into “always on” mode.

AI-assisted Marketing is the Future

Marketing data in its raw form is complex, disjointed, and changing. Machine learning, dynamic data modeling and AI-powered analysis are key tools that are helping marketers to manage and make sense of it all. Toward this mission, Datorama uses these new approaches across the platform. Here’s how:

It begins at the data integration phase, with a feature for adapting to the post-API world. Datorama TotalConnect allows you to sidestep any API dilemmas by creating continuous connections with any reporting output as a data source through a range of file types. In the process, we identify the file and automap to a pre-built data model automatically. This gives marketers data integration superpowers.

Next, automapping helps to classify and map your data to Datorama Mix, our dynamic data model that understands how your marketing data needs to harmonize together for holistic analysis. This aligns your data to the way you think about your business and marketing– allowing you to report and optimize on your performances, outcomes and investments across regions, media buys, campaigns, channels, audiences, content and more.

Einstein Marketing Insights is the next step in this innovation path, helping you leverage all of your data to see the day-by-day opportunities across it all to continually improve your KPI outcomes. With growing budgets and responsibility, marketers are more than ever held accountable to prove their ROI through data. Marketers need to be able to perform their own analysis, and answer their own questions. But to even get to visual analysis or insights, the data integration and unification processes need to be smart, agile and marketer-friendly.

Get Started

We’re excited for Einstein Marketing Insights to augment the analytics process for our customers. To request a demo of Einstein Marketing Insights, or to learn more, visit the Einstein Marketing Insights landing page. If you’re a Datorama customer, talk to your account manager to learn more.


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