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MarTech: Scott Brinker Reveals 5,000 Martech Companies

Lucas Stewart

MarTech is one of the marketing industry’s must-attend events of the year. As the intersection of marketing and technology continues to become hardened with solutions becoming more critical in aiding marketers to do their respective job, the main San Francisco event has also become one of the largest in the industry.

The Martech 5000

Reflecting the growth in this space was Scott Brinker’s major announcement surrounding his latest marketing technology landscape: The Martech 5000. For 2017, Brinker’s landscape consisted of 5,381 solutions from 4,891 unique companies. This is about 40 percent growth, year-over-year, for both solutions and unique companies that have been recognized. More technologies mean more data sources, so this graphic underlined our belief that getting data integration right is a key analytics step that every marketer should be informed about.

High-res version available on

The Stackies and Hackies

In addition, there was the the 2017 Stackies and Hackies. The Stackies is an annual competition where marketers from leading companies can submit a single slide that conceptualizes their marketing technology stack from an operational, strategic or technical perspective. Six organizations took the top honors with Allocadia, Aprimo, Cisco, Informatica, Microsoft and Red Wing Shoes getting the nod. The newly founded Hackies is an award ceremony that invites marketers to contribute an essay describing a game changing “marketing hack” they’ve used where management, marketing and technology collides. Congratulations to Eric Ramos of BusinessOnline, Matthew Parisi of Tealium and Liam O’Connor of Lenati for taking top honors.

Datorama and Electronic Arts

We may be biased, but we were particularly enthralled by Datorama CSO, Katrin Ribant’s, co-presented session with Electronic Arts’ Director of Marketing Infrastructure, Glenn White. With EA taking on one of the most significant marketing initiatives in the gaming industry by instilling a “Player First” initiative, it is a major customer centricity challenge. But how do you actually make it happen when you have a tremendous amount of data federation challenges standing in your way? In case you missed it, we recently hosted a webinar with Glenn that covers some of the same topics.

Datorama was proud to exhibit at the 2017 event with a booth presence in MarTech’s Expo Hall. Not only was it a fantastic opportunity to connect with prospective customers, it also was an insightful experience as Datoramans had the chance to interact with fellow marketing technologists to better understand the latest upcoming solutions in this highly fluid marketplace.

We hope to see you at our upcoming events. Even thus far, 2017 has proven to be a monumental year for the marketing technology industry in both innovation and growth.


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