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New feature: Marketo API Connector

Lucas Stewart

Marketing automation lets marketers schedule, target and track their campaigns with ease. With marketing automation, you can increase efficiency by reducing manual intervention, explore new marketing techniques, and set your marketing organization up to scale.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new Marketo API Connector!

Marketo’s powerful marketing automation and account based marketing capabilities help marketers drive engagement across many touch points– including email, social, websites, digital ads, content and more. Our new API integration is the most comprehensive in the market, allowing you to connect and combine every analytical component from Marketo– including data not even available in the Marketo UI. With this new API you’ll be able to create custom views of your Marketo data as you see fit, and combine this data with your paid media, CRM data, brand health data and more.

Marketing automation helps you get the right message to the right people at the right time, at an unprecedented scale. It’s all the more important to monitor marketing automation campaigns with analytics, because of the high levels of automation and experimentation that this powerful toolset provides.

Going beyond dashboards, you can also utilize the Datorama Action Center with your Marketo data, to automatically trigger alerts such as emails, notifications, or Slack messages when certain conditions or goals in your data are met. With Datorama, you can get the insights you need to maximize the power of marketing automation– from demand generation to lead nurturing to  to customer engagement via content and mobile marketing.

Try the new connector now in Data Streams. If you have a question on the Marketo connector, shoot an email to


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