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Ticketmaster Webinar Poll: What’s Slowing You Down?

Lucas Stewart

We recently held a live webinar with BlueDigital, Ticketmaster’s digital marketing agency. BlueDigital uses Datorama to help deliver high-velocity marketing campaign optimization at scale, in cycles as short as daily. Ticketmaster operates one of the largest ticket sales and distribution platforms in the world, with a rapidly changing and reprioritizing schedule of events. How do they move at the speed of their customers, when taking into account so much data to ingest and insights to turn around? (Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how.)

Midway through the webinar, the speakers ran a poll posing the question:

What is the biggest challenge slowing down your marketing optimization?

Here’s how attendees responded:

By more than 10%, data integration –or bringing your data together for actual analysis– was the chief concern for attendees (who ranged from small agencies to Fortune 100 enterprises). The disorganization of data came in second, which is not surprising as data cleansing and normalization follow integration.

In case you’re totally in the dark, earlier this year we wrote a blog post to define data integration. A follow-up question might be, why is data integration so challenging?

Marketing data is inherently disconnected. Marketing as an industry has likely benefited (and suffered) most from the data revolution, with new tools with new data sources popping up daily. Even if your analysis incorporates all your historical data, ingesting new data sources in alien formats can be an exhaustive project with the wrong tool. Shameless plug: Datorama has mastered marketing data integration, so it sounds like our webinar had the right audience for the topic.

Want a demo of Datorama? Go ahead and request one here.


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