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New feature: Salesforce Reports Connector

Lucas Stewart

We’re excited to announce a serious augmentation to our Salesforce connection capabilities, with the new Salesforce Reports Connector. Traditionally, connecting to Salesforce was possible using the Salesforce API or querying specific databases with SOQL. Now, accessing your data is easier and more customizable than ever– just create a custom report in Salesforce using any metrics or dimensional fields you like, and bring that directly into Datorama to be updated on a recurring schedule.

As marketing’s mandate to prove ROI grows in urgency, marketing data needs to be tied back to opportunities and conversions at an increasingly granular level. Salesforce can be a prolific data source, often bespoke for organizations using internal processes and logic. We’ve simplified the data integration process with Salesforce, so you can mix sales with marketing data the way that makes sense for your business.

With the new Salesforce connector, it’s easier than ever to determine one of your most crucial correlations– which leads are actually converting after exposure to your marketing efforts. Blend your Salesforce data with all other marketing data to get a complete picture of how your marketing engine is running

If you use more than one CRM, you can always use TotalConnect to automate connection to CRM systems like Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, and others, to set up reports for delivery into Datorama via email, safe file transfer protocol (SFTP), or hosting in environments such as Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and other storage locations. We’re looking forward to making connecting to all your marketing data ever easier, with constant innovations and augmentations to our existing connectors.

Get started with it now under “Data Streams” in the Datorama platform.

Have a question on the Salesforce Reports Connector? Contact and someone on our talented Customer Success team will be able to assist you.


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