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Recap: Forrester Consumer Marketing, New York

Lucas Stewart

Forrester hosted another action-packed consumer marketing forum this week, with speakers from established consumer brands as well as unique thought leaders from smaller companies– down to a wearables company whose first product has yet to launch.

The worlds of cutting-edge consumer technology, fashion, and analytics collided, and the content reflected that nexus of forward-thinking industries. One idea seemed to bind the presentations together, as shared by George Sadler of Adobe: “Relevance is the new ROI.”

Relevance is the new ROI

What does that really mean? It means marketing orgs need to adopt customer-level data. Sadler explained, “In order to be truly relevant, you have to create a single view of the customer– feeding all that customer’s data into one repository.” Customer-level data, even in aggregate, reveals relevance (or irrelevance) for better optimized campaigns, creative, and messaging. It’s about switching from marketing performance management to marketing performance optimization.

“Relevance is the metric that matters in the ROI equation when we’re thinking about great customer experiences.”

These Are the Droids You’re Looking For

Another prominent theme, as Forrester often shares, is the reminder to not ignore AI but to embrace it as it evolves. The session that encapsulated this idea was Forrester analyst Brandon Purcell’s session, “These Are the Droids You’re Looking For”.

Purcell specializes in customer analytics and artificial intelligence, and stressed that while AI gets a lot of hype the technology as it relates to marketing has to be watched closely– and adopted. “AI will transform the way marketers understand and interact with customers,” he said. With machine learning powering many parts of the Datorama product, we couldn’t agree more.


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