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Recap: Live Webinar with Forrester on Marketing Data Integration

Lucas Stewart

“A marketing analytics model is only as strong as the data on which it’s built.”
–Tina Moffett, Sr. Analyst at Forrester Research

Our live webinar with Forrester Research couldn’t be summed up better. Jay Wilder, Director of Product Marketing at Datorama, and Tina Moffett, Sr. Analyst at Forrester Research (B2C Marketing), collaborated to lay out a plan that tackles marketing data integration and all its challenges. With so much data in play and growing marketing budgets, marketing measurement has high stakes– so you’ll want to do as much as possible to ensure your data integration foundation is solid.

Insights were aplenty in the hour long webinar, and for those of you who couldn’t attend here are some highlights:

From Jay:

  • Marketers are now using an average of 65 applications to get things done
  • Data Integration is the wheel that turns all others: Decisions, Trust, Adoption and Culture
  • You want to spend 80% of your time in analysis– don’t settle for less
  • Data integration is a part of the process that ultimately serves your business users

From Tina:

  • Top driver of analytics adoption: Increase marketing performance (42%)
  • Top challenge of analytics adoption: Ensuring data quality from a variety of sources (39%)
  • 2nd most: Accessing data from a variety of sources (33%)
  • Recommendation: Assemble a data quality working group
  • Recommendation: Perform a data audit and needs assessment
  • Recommendation: Build a roadmap that focuses on high-quality data

In addition, answers to the poll question had an interesting breakdown– heavily weighted on two options:

If you want to view the webinar, an on-demand version is available here.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended, and for offering so many thoughtful questions in the Q&A. Stay tuned for our next webinar April 20!

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