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Recap: RampUp 2017

Lucas Stewart

RampUp is one of those seminal MarTech and AdTech gatherings of the year. Executives from top agencies and brands gathered to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing the industry, and shared winning strategies to take them on. Aptly, the sheer magnitude of people-based data available to companies was a hot topic, as was the importance of sound measurement strategies. Like many conferences lately, a current of topical global issues swept through most conversations– from net neutrality to privacy to refugees.

The event was held in the historic (and opulent) Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, while the receptions took place in The Masonic. From the delectable Vietnamese eats to the surprise appearance by Sugar Ray’s Marc McGrath, it was an unforgettable event.

A tidal wave of user data

“Never in human history has there been more people-based data.”
–Chris Yatrakis, VP of Business Development at Factual

Facebook is a company famous for its prowess in data collection. But its employees are only human (as far as we know, anyway). Melissa Yang  from Data and Audience Partnerships admitted that a lot of the user data Facebook collects is not even used. With such prolific data collection, Facebook is in a constant state of data triage, forced to cherrypick what data is useful to its marketers.

The advent of user data has resulted in a compounding of data available to marketers. With so much data, integration and visualization have to be as seamless as possible. And thus, the Datorama + LiveRamp partnership was born.

Triage… and measure

While the importance of measurement continues to be stressed, few organizations were ready to admit their measurement strategies are at peak efficiency. One of the most useful ways to learn at the conference were the frequent panel-style discussions, where members of the c-suite openly shared their setbacks and limitations in data strategy in an open mind meld with their peers– much to the benefit of the audience.

“Data driven marketing is fundamentally about testing and learning,” –Steve Gerber, President & COO at Zeta Global

But despite buzz around AI, and the exciting prospect of people-based data, an age-old admonition floated above conversations around hyper-personalized advertising: remember that there are real people on the other side.

We’re already looking forward to #RampUp18.


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