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Recap: Live Webinar with EA, Centralize Your Marketing Analytics

Lucas Stewart

“Ensure when working with 3rd party partners, you’re able to access all of your data. Put in processes to automate this.”
–Jean Baycroft, PM, Reporting Operations at Electronic Arts

We were so thrilled to host our live webinar with EA: Centralize Your Marketing Analytics: Why You Need a Unified Approach. EA shared their “data-driven, player-first” strategy– a culmination of years of work in data tracking, collecting, and coalescence.

Jay Wilder, Director of Product Marketing at Datorama, kicked off the webinar. He shared 7 pragmatic steps to centralized marketing analytics, which were:

  1. Map key stakeholders
  2. Map customer touchpoints (data sources)
  3. Capture/define your KPIs
  4. Spec your “Decision Lenses” views by role
  5. Discuss governance
  6. Consider success measurement methodologies
  7. Evaluate vendors and ask the tough questions

This led into Jean Baycroft’s presentation on how centralized and federated data contributes to the “player-first” mission of EA. EA has vast amounts of data for marketing, contributed in no small part by their Origins gaming platform and many customer touch points across every digital channel under the sun.

Jean touched on the crucial mission of modern marketing– with much data comes much responsibility. Ensuring a “player-first” approach means going beyond relentlessly pursuing conversion rates in every area, and employing a more intelligent approach to give gamers more of what they already love.

“There’s never too much data. Just don’t get overwhelmed by it– ensure you have a process to handle it and get what you need out of it.”

You can rewatch the on-demand webinar here.


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