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New feature: Google Search Console

Lucas Stewart

SEOs rejoice! Datorama now offers instant, API connection to Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools).

The Search Console connector is packed with features for understanding the reach and impact of SEO on your websites. You’ll find tons of analysis capabilities not available in Search Console itself, like the ability to report on page, keyword, and device all in one view. Want an SEO analysis pro tip? Skirt the 90-day limit of Search Console simply by connecting in Datorama, where your data gets incremented going forward.


Datorama will automatically map in fields like Keyword, Position, Impressions, and Clicks, and you can add many more. Best of all, this data comes straight from Google’s search engine results pages– a source of data that has proven elusive to SEOs over the years.

By unifying across other data sources like AdWords and Google Analytics, SEOs can finally get a complete view of keyword analysis.

For example, marry paid and organic attribution by filtering on a specific keyword to understand total traffic that keyword is driving to your site. You can even add in internal website search data from Google Analytics, which might show whether your landing pages actually have the content users are looking for.

Or, take brand awareness to a whole new level by monitoring the search frequency of various keywords related to your brand, and understanding how that translates into behavior on your website. Do certain keywords induce more pages per visit?

Search behavior can be illuminating on how users are looking for what they need– and when they’re not able to find it. Identify drop-offs, then fill the gaps with content or CTAs related to search terms to help leads along to conversion.

With the final piece of the keyword puzzle revealed, your methods of analysis are endless.

If you have any questions about the Google Search Console connector, reach out to


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