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New API connector: Pinterest Social for social media ROI

Lucas Stewart

We’re excited to announce a new Pinterest Social API connector, so you can really understand what’s happening with your boards and pins and how they’re helping drive your customer journey.


So what can you do? For better cross-channel analysis, you can measure and mix your follower, pin, comment, and like performance with all of your social data, to get the bigger picture of what people really like and what they really, really like. To drive your business forward, connect your Pinterest engagement data with your web or mobile analytics and ecommerce system for better understand of revenue flow. For getting serious about social media ROI on Pinterest, set goals using Datorama’s Action Center to reach targeted levels of engagement.

Pinterest is a treasure trove of user interest data, so analyzing all that engagement is essential to understanding what people like. From architecture to fashion, Pinterest’s expert curation and discovery engine connects everyday users, brands and tastemakers to what they like to see. Now with Datorama, you can stay on top of the most important trends to your business– what your customers are doing.

Are you a Datorama customer who wants to get started with the Pinterest connector? Get in touch with us:


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