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Datorama Now Supports AdWords’ Expanded Text Ad (ETA) Analysis

Lucas Stewart

In anticipation of AdWords’ Expanded Text Ad (ETA) transition, Datorama now supports this new ad format so you can better analyze your messaging. With doubling character counts, you’ll have more information than ever to put to use in optimizing your AdWords campaigns.

What are ETAs?

Expanded Text Ads are longer versions of Google’s current ad format, and they also come with a total revamp to the AdWords platform. Here’s what they look like:


What will this affect?

Everything. Beyond character counts, Google has rebuilt AdWords from the ground up, emphasizing features like local search analysis to get people into your brick and mortar stores, and Universal App Campaigns to get you more direct app downloads across Google’s top properties like YouTube, Search, Play, and the Google Display Network. And don’t worry– Datorama will stay on top of these game-changing features. We already support Universal App Campaigns, so all of your app acquisition data is just a checkbox away.

Though it’s never a bad time to get serious about marketing analytics, if you have been wanting to revamp or revitalize your AdWords dashboards there is no better time than now.

AdWords is going mobile-first

Google is calling this the biggest change to AdWords since it launched 15 years ago. The new format will re-envision AdWords from a mobile-first perspective, because as stated on the AdWords blog, “The shift to mobile is no longer a change on the horizon. It’s here.”

When can I start analyzing ETAs?

If you have already made the switch, Datorama is ready to analyze for you. Take note that the official AdWords transition will happen January 31st, 2017.

Are you a Datorama customer who needs help analyzing AdWords ETAs? Get in touch with us:


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