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The DatoRoundup — January 4, 2017


Keeping marketing fresh and achieving success in 2017 are strong themes in this week’s DatoRoundup of the best AdTech, MarTech and data-related news. How? By equipping your departments with technology and by staying ahead of emerging trends seems to be the general consensus. In this week’s compendium we also feature the following: Josh Manion for MarTech Today on getting the power of data ownership right in 2017; and, Scott Brinker’s brilliant last story of a five-part series detailing the disruptions in the marketing space. Check out the links below to read the full stories!


Four Hard Truths I Learned Covering Marketing This Year


By Dillon Baker

Dillon Baker starts this piece profoundly by claiming that when you spend most of your life thinking about marketing, you start to see the world differently. You perceive everything in terms of positioning, persuasion and accountability. We are sure you can totally relate when he says you do things like look at ads and say, “What the hell were they thinking?” Here are his four very insightful “truths” that he learned from covering the marketing world in 2016. We highly suggest you scope this story out.


Achieving B2B Marketing Success in 2017: What You Need to Know

MarTech Advisor

By Victoria Godfrey

The end of the year is a time of reflection for B2B marketers to analyze what went right and what can be done better in the year ahead. Victoria Godfrey, CMO at Avention OneSource Solutions, shares her predictions for what marketing looks like in 2017 and explains how to turn these trends into actionable results.


The Power of Data Ownership: Getting it Right in 2017

MarTech Today

By Josh Manion

According to this piece, columnist Josh Manion believes that complete data ownership is the only option for enterprises that are seeking to engage individual consumers with relevant and timely experiences. He says, “Owning your marketing data seems simple at first blush. But with every new channel, platform, device and the combinations thereof, data ownership becomes more strategic and complex.” These are his tips for reducing its complexity and getting it right in 2017.


Five Disruptions to Marketing, Part 5: Artificial Intelligence

By Scott Brinker

A few weeks ago we featured the third part of this five-part series on disruptions happening in the marketing space. Now you can read the final piece, which discusses artifical intelligence. Sharing close relations to big data and with what appears to be more hype, Brinker says that AI is one of those broad terms that has rocketed to buzzword mania in marketing circles. This final piece takes a look at how and where AI is already having a significant impact on marketing.


Fresh and Bold Ways Industry Leaders Can Approach Marketing in 2017

By Amy Quigley

Fresh and bold is the way that Amy Quigley thinks industry leaders need to approach marketing in 2017. How, you ask? By leveraging new technologies to create personalized digital experiences and separate themselves from the pack. This doesn’t sound all new if you are tech-savvy or a digital geek, but the trick, says Quigley — who cites real-life examples from the recent FutureM MITX conference — is to be an early adopter. Marketers should have their eyes on what’s about to happen so that they get there when it counts. Read the whole piece for more insight into how you can stay fresh and bold in 2017.


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