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The DatoRoundup — December 22, 2016


Here’s what you can find in this week’s DatoRoundup. While marketers are doing a better job of adopting new technology, they can’t completely keep up with the pace of marketing technology (MarTech) innovation, as reported by B2BMarketingDirections. Data is the new currency, says Jim Yu for MarTech Today. Yet, there is still much to consider according to Scott Brinker’s piece on mastering MarTech. All this, and more, in our roundup of the best AdTech, data and MarTech content online.


Data as the New Currency: Three Keys to CMO Success In 2017

MarTech Today

By Jim Yu

What are the MarTech trends that will shape digital marketing in 2017? Columnist Jim Yu believes data insights will fuel marketers’ strategy and business success. Yu says, “Data, deep learning and automation will empower marketers to accelerate and scale operations in a logical and intelligent manner to win the hearts and minds of consumers in key moments that matter across multiple digital channels.” See what other pearls Yu has in his piece now!


21 Advanced Analytics and Marketing Predictions for 2017


Check out this gem from KeyWebMetrics. A succinct look at 21 advanced analytics and marketing predictions for 2017. That’s how we like them: Short and sweet. Check out just two examples of what made the list: 2) Big data dependency will become the norm for marketers, and 9) Data and technology with increase the alignment between sales and marketing. We’re sure you’ll find more value from other items on the list. Scope it out for more great insights.


Report: Agencies are Struggling to Deliver Omni-Channel Experiences


By Larissa Faw

The majority of agencies say they are not at all or only are partially equipped to deliver AdTech and MarTech unification (88%), omni-channel loyalty programs (82%), and AdTech journey attribution (73%). Despite the fact that this recent research by omni-channel provider Kitewheel shows that more than eight in 10 agencies (81%) will increase tech investments in 2017. Faw takes an in-depth look at more insights from this report and explores the notion that agencies are still struggling to deliver omni-channel experiences.


Modern Marketing Health Check: Mastering Martech — Four Things to Consider

Chief Marketer

By Lisa Loftis

Part two of this five-part series opens discussing Scott Brinker’s overwhelming MarTech Landscape infographic, and it’s no wonder as to why because it hosts a whopping 3,500+ vendors in the MarTech space. So, the technology and solutions are there in abundance, but how tech savvy is your marketing team? Now you can see where you stack up and identify your aspirational next steps, by comparing your company to the best practices of industry leaders in the following listed four critical data and technology readiness areas. See how Chief Marketer mapped it out by visiting its story.


Marketers Believe They are Closing the Technology Gap

B2B Marketing Directions

By G. David Dodd

Over the past few years, it’s become clear that marketing success depends on the effective use of technology. In fact, this piece suggests that the recent Walker Sands research indicates that most marketers are doing a better job of adopting new technologies, even if they can’t completely keep up with the pace of MarTech innovation. A sentiment that is not new to people reading this blog. However, this is still a nice summary of the key issues and statistics cited as a result of the Walker Sands research from a seasoned professional.


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