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“Ask Datorama Anything”: Amazon Alexa Integration for Voice-commanded Marketing Insights


Imagine if all you needed to analyze your marketing data was a question.

We built Datorama to take the pain out of data integration and analysis, by providing a single source of truth to help you understand and act on your total marketing performance. In the continuation of that mission, we’re introducing a new feature “Ask Datorama Anything” — an integration with the Alexa app, Amazon’s intelligent voice service. Now you can ask all your questions, whenever and wherever you have them. For the first time you can engage with your marketing analytics data directly through Alexa-powered smart devices, such as Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

For example:

Q: “Ask Datorama: What’s my top performing campaign by clicks in the last week?”

A: “Your top performing campaign is ‘Holiday Free Shipping’ with 8,000 clicks.”

The Marketing Integration Engine works to coalesce all your marketing information in one place, so you can come to key meetings prepared. But, what if you have a question on the fly? With our Alexa integration, you can now interact with your data using natural language.

Rather than dig through data or visualizations to find answers, we’ve discovered that it’s more productive to simply ask questions and elevate insights at the speed of conversation. Now, in addition to Datorama dashboards and reports, you can quickly understand critical marketing information by simply having a conversation with Alexa — whether at your desk or in the boardroom. Part of being an end-to-end solution means that we strive to make the journey from data to decisioning as smooth as possible. That’s why we’ve developed features like dashboard embedding, one-click forecasting, and our Slack Integration.

The Alexa integration also takes advantage of Datorama’s Action Center. Action Center is the hub for turning insights into practical actions for your team. You can set goals, trigger alerts based on certain conditions, and send notifications through various channels like Slack, email, SMS and more. With Alexa, taking action is as simple as giving a command.

For example:

C: “Ask Datorama to send me a breakdown of my campaigns.”

A: “The visualization you asked for has been sent to your mailbox, it should be available shortly.”

More data means more complexity, and now armed with Alexa you can arrive at answers faster. Don’t know where to start with Alexa? Don’t be shy!

Here are some more examples of questions you can ask:

Q: “Ask Datorama: How many fans does my Facebook Page have?”

A: “Your page has 100,124 fans, 203 fans were added since yesterday.”

C: “Tell me about my goals.”

A: You have six goals, out of which: Three are performing better than expected, one is right on track. The two underperforming goals in your brand are: ‘Winter Acquisition Cost Per Click’; ‘Cost Per Click’; ‘Cross-Sell Click Through Ratio.’”

C: “Elaborate on goal ‘Winter Acquisition Cost Per Click.’”

A:  “Here is the status of the ‘Winter Acquisition Cost per Click’ goal: Your CPC value is $7.41, while your final goal is $3.70. The delivery rate currently stands on 50 percent. You have 19 days left to complete your goal.”

C: “Please send notifications for the goal ‘Winter Acquisition Cost Per Click.’”

A: “Triggered a Slack action for the ‘Winter Acquisition Cost per Click’ goal.”

Interested in bringing the power of voice-driven marketing analytics to your organization? Chat with your account manager today, or if you’re new to Datorama you can request a demo.

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