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VIDEO from DMEXCO 2016: How to Get Ahead of the Digital Revolution Using Data


If you weren’t lucky enough to be with us in the room at DMEXCO 2016, fear not. We now have video of the full presentation.

The goal of our session was to educate DMEXCO attendees about the data challenges our presenters encountered in the field and to detail how they’ve managed to overcome these obstacles using the latest, cutting-edge MarTech methodologies and solutions.

We were delighted to have Alexis Van Vuure of ABN Amro, Guibert Tchinde of Pernod Ricard, Glenn White of Electronic Arts, as well as best-in-breed industry analyst, Brian Wieser of PVTL Research, join us for this interactive question and answer seminar.

Please see the full presentation, below.


If that clip is a bit too long for your taste, we have something else that may be up your alley. After the intensive seminar, Datorama’s CSO, Katrin Ribant, had a conversation with Datorama adviser, Dr. Hagen Wenzek, to better understand how CMOs can conquer data challenges with Datorama’s assistance.


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